Thea Pueschel
Thea Pueschel
Where spiritual meets science, irreverent meets reverence, and problems are solved

Where Spiritual Meets Science

How Body and Mind Connect

Hypnotherapy, Yoga
and Yoga Nidra Training
For Modern Humans


What does "where spiritual meets science" mean?


In a world of woo, I'm about the why. There is a lot of pseudoscience and false promises on the road to wellness. I provide you science based movement and mindfulness.

You won't become enlightened by being able to touch your toes, but it can lead to the path of deepening your understanding of self.

Whether you consider your spirit something that ascends to the etherial plane or what makes you, you; I help you align with proven practices through functional anatomy, advanced body mechanics, mindfulness techniques and yoga.




1. Hypnotherapy 

You want to create change, you've done all the work yet you're still feeling blocked. Work with me to remove the subconscious blockages that are preventing you from taking your next steps.


2. Yoga Teacher Resources

I currently offer continuing education workshops and yoga nidra and guided imagery Teacher Training in group and one-on-one settings.

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3. Classes and Events

You'll find my class schedule, workshops and events here.



“Sometimes in life, we meet people who have such a profound perspective on life and boundaries and empowerment that we immediately have to stop and listen and learn. Thea is one of those teachers both for me and for all those whose lives she touches. I highly recommend her work. The transformation you’ll get from being around her in any aspect is the real jewel of connecting to such a true guide. ”

— Sadie Nardini, Founder Core Strength Vinyasa and Yoga Shred