I help people like you transition into your greatness!

I am on a  life long  quest to align the mind/body and spirit. Initially it was all about me, yeah my life was out of sync and I was living outside of my core values. I became ill, and kind of a sucky person to be around. When you are living in pain, and experiencing chronic illness things just seem extra and ceaseless. As the White Rabbit said to Alice regarding how long forever lasts, " Sometimes, just one second.” Being in the fray of my body's revolt drew me to Yoga. Which served as a rabbit hole toward my wellness, and eventually my vocation. 

Yoga and Hypnotherapy were both healing tools that helped me get back to alignment, mind/body and spirit. This is my inspiration to share these wonderful healing modalities with you. I've done my work, now let's do yours. I'm living proof it works! 

I am an expert in transitions, getting you from one place to another with the most advanced body mechanics in Yoga and deepening techniques in Hypnotherapy. 

Part of my quest has involved studying and practicing with some of the greatest minds in yoga, advanced body mechanics, injury prevention, guided imagery and hypnotherapy. 

I have distilled all the information I have absorbed down to the most essential elements, honoring the past, and moving forward into the future where spiritual meets science, personal anatomy meets Yoga poses, and the subconscious mind is aligned with the conscious desires.

To broaden and create more accessibility to my teaching I have began to offer succinct trainings that give teachers the power to help students fix modern day issues due to repetitive motion and stress, as well as to take their students on deep and engaging journeys within.





Location for Private Sessions

Unfold Yoga
512 S. Brea Blvd
Brea, CA 92821

1840 Echo Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Address provided upon booking

Online or phone sessions available



By appointment

Brea/Fullerton (OC)

Wednesday (LA)
Echo Park (LA)

OC/LA alternating

Online/phone sessions


My Magic


Insight and Vision

If we know our limitations, we can access our strength easier and with more efficiency.

  • Functional Anatomy

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Advanced Body Mechanics

  • Guided Imagery

  • Active Listening

  • Finding movement patterns

  • I can help anyone improve

  • I see your weaknesses and strengths 

  • I teach others how to read bodies

  • I can teach multiple levels in a single class effectively

  • I am body positive

  • I make yoga a safe and inviting space for  bigger bodies

  • I empower people  with injuries with options

  • I'm a teacher's teacher